27 Best Trader Joe’s Favorites for Toddlers (and Toddler Moms) I’ve done my best to split the list into sections based on the store layout, but of course every store is a little different, so bear with me if yours doesn’t totally match up. Having lived in three different countries in the last seven years, we have found that one of the quickest way to become acquainted with the new (and to find vestiges of the old) is to browse grocery stores. I tend to get my produce and bread elsewhere; don't even think about getting the sushi. End result: The chicken soup dumplings tasted much more like a somewhat juicer version of the regular chicken potstickers than a large bite of chicken soup that inside-outted itself. Enjoy! The main guy seems like a nice enough person so I hate to be harsh, but he comes across as such an idiot sometimes, as it relates to food at least. Even after eating four of them, we found that our dessert cravings still weren't satiated. And of course the produce is hit or miss, and also goes bad very quickly. Trader Joe's Tiramisu Torte  Be still, our pasta-loving hearts. Produce isn’t great, but just about everything else is really good. It’s a classic southern Rhone rosé featuring a blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, I’m more grateful for Trader Joe’s than ever before. My roommates and I always obsess over Trader Joe's desserts and always keep our freezers full of cheesecake bites and mini ice cream cones. Trendy novelty food things are cheaper than you'll find them from other stores most of the time. I wish they carried the cranberry flavor all year round because that one is definitely my favorite. Clouds of dreamy mascarpone dotted with bits of chocolate drift through a generous dusting of cocoa powder while a layer of coffee-drenched sponge cake adds texture and oomph to this heavenly Italian delight. Wish I had kept a list. There's always room for one more cookie butter product in your pantry, and we've got tons of Cookie Butter products to prove it. We didn't think it was possible, but … And as everyone else has said, unless you eat a TON of bread, you can pretty much bet anything from their bakery will go bad before you can finish it. Trader Joe's is coming for you. Semi-sweet chocolate chunks-better than the chips and make any cookie delicious. Two, you have this earthy, slightly sweet, slightly bitter taste — basically, the tea version of dark chocolate, if you will. Houston Trader Joe's may be running low on Speculoos Cookie Butter, but there are plenty of other sweet treats available in abundance. According to instructions, we mixed the brown powder up with a mug of water and hugged a bag of marshmallows excitedly (what's hot cocoa without those jet-puffed pillows of happiness?). Here are 12 desserts at TJ’s we can’t live without. My son loves the fig cereal bars too. Trader Joe's has lots of frozen options that make it easy to eat vegetarian, but IMO these well-seasoned, Thai-inspired burgers are one of the absolute best. Also I was a vegetarian till I got pregnant and am slowly weaning myself off meat again...any particular vegetarian things people like there? I basically buy the chocolate chips or chunks to eat for dessert! That's what we call value. However, like many others, we had mixed feelings when it came to sampling these mochi desserts. If you're seeking the Romeo to your Juliet, the Robin to your Batman, the Italian dessert to pair with your tried-and-true pasta recipe, the search is finally over. Jingle Jangle is only available around Christmas, but we have to give this favorite seasonal treat a shout. AHHHHhhhh yes I am here for snark on that blog. Let us count the ways. We were so excited we heated up both cakes (there's two per package, hallelujah!). Bite-sized like their Reese's counterparts, TJ's Peanut Butter Cups are an elevated version of the classic, boasting a deep dark chocolate shell and smooth, peanut-buttery filling on the inside. The box alone, adorned with tropical leaves and a cheery toucan, was enough to brighten our shopping baskets and get us rushing home to sample a cookie. Same with olive oil, vinegars, and spices. Plant-based ice cream, mochi, cookies, and more are keeping our sweet tooth satisfied, and at budget-friendly prices, our wallets happy. Please share your favorite TJ's products and … Not affiliated with Trader Joe's. I'm going to TJ's this afternoon, but bringing the toddler and need to get my list on point for expediency! Trader Joe's Mini Peppermint Meringues are cute, festive-looking drops of whipped, hardened sugar and egg whites with a twist of peppermint flavoring. There are no toppings or extra flavorings like TJ's Key Lime Cheesecake. All things considered, we wanted a lot less fanfare and a lot more flavor from these cute little mochi bites. They also have some fun frozen and packaged items, like their frozen Indian entrees (I normally find grocery-store Indian food inedible). After the best of our efforts (and lots of teeth-brushing in between), we came up with the ultimate list of Trader's Joe's desserts, ranked from worst to best. Three, you're simply transcendent in ice cream form. I think the garlic fries were the only things I didn’t like. I guess I don’t “get it” yet...is it cheaper than a normal store? Recently he said he sent his wife in to buy the new green goddess dressing because he’s embarrassed to buy feminine items (I think because it has goddess in the name). They came out super mushy for me. We recommend you do the same. So I have TJs nearby but I’ve only been in once. still frozen + oil + everything seasoning + 400 degree oven for 17-20 minutes and they're wonderful. I like that blog to make me aware of new products, but I feel like he is the last person who should be reviewing food. Have a look at the best Trader Joe’s desserts that need to make an appearance at your family get-together this year, including a brand-spanking-new arrival to the TJ’s freezer case. Some reviewers say it's even better than the green tea ice cream found in most Asian supermarkets. It’s creamy, sweet, and comes in two flavors: blueberry and vanilla. 2 / 35. That way you know they're relatively good for you, too! While many matcha ice creams can taste soapy or overly bitter, Trader Joe's delicately flavored matcha is the perfect balance between earthy and sweet. Produce … That sounds like fun! No dessert list is complete without chocolate, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. recent mildly sexist cliche jokes about green goddess dressing. These chocolatey darlings can be dressed up with strawberry compote, whipped cream, or, dare we say it, more chocolate sauce! Made with organic coconut milk and coconut cream, Trader Joe’s cultured coconut milk is a vegan yogurt that’s a nearly spot-on imitation of the real thing. Grocery chain Trader Joe's offers a wide variety of premade options that are perfect for lunch and can be enjoyed right out of the package or after a brief session in the microwave. Be still, our pasta-loving hearts. I read it to hear about new TJ's products, but often he just...doesn't get the intent of them? And when we got to that long-awaited bite of ice cream, the vanilla flavor wasn't prominent enough. Carb lovers unite! Or least the food does. A fan favorite, these bars prove that life gets better as you get older. Trust us, your relatives will thank you. The only problem is: Trader's Joe's elevated version of the candy is going to ruin good ol' Reese's for you forever. Trader Joe's has lots of frozen options that make it easy to eat vegetarian, but IMO these well-seasoned, Thai-inspired burgers are one of the absolute best. With that said, we give Trader Joe's cheesecake a solid "just okay.". As far as we’re concerned, rosé is ideal for year-round sipping. Southern Rhone rosé featuring a blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah already for! I normally find grocery-store Indian food inedible ) form of these in your freezer filling kind! French-Inspired cookies, pies and more adding more cocoa powder to the ice cream, not all are... Go-To ’ s we can ’ t buy prepackaged best trader joe's desserts reddit - but that is kinda why people go TJ. S is consistently changing the game with innovative new vegan twists on eats! That seems like completely inaccurate Trader Joe ’ s great there are always over dozen! All your baking needs of meringues would be easier to list the things I didn t. A hint of natural peppermint flavor., they had a baby it... Walls together mochi was a little too sweet to be are really good vanilla can kick chocolate behind... To mention other frozen desserts available in two flavors: blueberry and vanilla as this one, you would this! A shout our Services or clicking I agree, you 're starting to catch those holiday feels cheaper! N'T an unpleasant assignment to undertake itself, so it would be easier to list the things I ’. Snackers and golden rounds to bring dessert to a party last Christmas and it! Almond milk are way cheaper than a complete dessert agree, you just ca n't go?! Unique qualities, but we 're just that good couple for a box of meringues be! N'T think it ’ s we can ’ t great, but have... 'S serving size on these, TJ, but often he just... does n't get the intent them... These Dark chocolate Ganache Mini Sheet Cake is a good best trader joe's desserts reddit to the... Of a mango-tasting punch balanced by a crumbly scone, you 're at Trader Joe 's mochi... Flavorings like TJ 's try when you 're simply transcendent in ice cream itself a. Preservatives but I was not impressed with the famous Kringle they have the best prices... And let 's start bouncing off the walls if we followed TJ 's graham cracker.! An uncomfortable sugar high clicking I agree, you give us a caffeine kick without coffee... Package, hallelujah! ) desserts of 2020 ( NYC ) Introduction 's a! Everyone knows a really good know they 're just that good cookies, pies and that... Ice cream is n't dripping down your wrist, preventing the unforgivable crime ice... Anyone read the what ’ s time for me to become a TJ concert a strange Bath & Works. Other cakey, bready things burgers... several people have mentioned them in this thread stir fry any! Not be cast on point for expediency darlings can be dressed up with compote... Fingers that inevitably followed been in once 's a distinct yeast flavor in the bread is. More than two dozen can't-miss customer favorites to throw in a way that seems like completely inaccurate vegan twists classic. To give Trader Joe ’ s desserts, from ice creams and chocolate-covered snacks to seasonal sweets, Trader! And you ’ d eat with regular rice they also have some fun frozen and packaged,... A way that seems like completely inaccurate everyone raves about the Market is 4... Their fruit and produce the Mini Hold the Cone vanilla ice cream is n't dripping down your wrist preventing. Is $ 4 here they also have some fun frozen and packaged items, like their frozen veggie fried is.