It’s so affordable, in fact, that it could be considered an entry-level guitar if you want to a semi-hollow as your first axe. When you’re looking at budgeting for a beginner, picking an acoustic guitar for under $500 is standard. Pros: + Large dreadnought body style, which is perfect for playing in front of crowds or on your own + Made of mahogany, debatably the best wood for an acoustic guitar + The perfect kit with everything you’ll need to save time and money. If you’re looking to purchase an additional guitar for yourself and you’re not a beginner, or if you’re looking for a travel-size, you’ll like these. We knew that there had to be one more item in the package that would make it the ultimate traveler kit. It might still be a little bit of a hassle, which is completely understandable. We ended up coming across this model and knew instantly that it was a perfect fit! Playing the acoustic guitar provides a ton of fun for you, your friends, and your family. It is also easy to slide your fingers up and down the fretboard, creating or practicing solos. They’re well-known for their quality of craftsmanship and consistent, beautiful sound. Buy Now on Amazon > So there you have it. So, what gives us the right to say which guitars are best? While some sites are selling this guitar close to $400, it’s more commonly found just under $500. The sparkling sound it does have, however, is ideal for performers. 7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 in 2020. Most smaller bodied guitars don’t produce great volume, and they’re usually used for training purposes. These acoustic small body guitars that I have mentioned are suitable for players of different level of expertise. Why We Liked It - We love the upscaled size of the BBT from the Baby Taylor. This would suit all beginners from the age of 10, depending on the size of the child. Instead of waiting for the pitch to catch up to your playing, it changes the instant you decide that it should. You can’t expect the same sort of musical ‘connection’ with an instrument as another musician. They say TNT comes in small doses, well the GS Mini proves this statement couldn’t be more accurate. Pros: + The kit included with the Yamaha FS850 has everything you need to save money and get to strumming your new guitar. You will find that guitar makers actually use quite a few different types of wood, as well as hardware and elements of design. This is a positive thing for those who would like something studier to cling to, and is often thought of as a positive attribute. While most acoustic guitars have a thicker neck, this Bristol guitar has a slim neck. For one, you’re going to get a lot more options with size and design. As you’d expect, Asia-made models from big brands dominate this list. Aside from the headstock, there is more about this guitar that makes it unique from its counterparts. Yamaha’s APX600 is basically a semi-acoustic guitar which sounds so great unplugged that it’s easily one of the best acoustic guitars under $500. Pros: + 15/16 size of a dreadnought guitar, so it’s slightly smaller but produces similar output + Spruce on the back and sides protect the guitar with durability while creating excellent tones + Just a little bit bigger than the Baby Taylor, which is excellent if you’re a little more stationary. To some, this is the perfect sized guitar for any occasion. Sometimes, the sound of the dreadnought acoustic can also carry a bit more than the concert, though that isn’t the case with this Yamaha. The Taylor Baby Acoustic Guitar is ¾ the size of a dreadnought. The acoustic guitars lying in the range of $300 to $500 is perfect for all level of guitar players. This guitar is fantastic for those aspiring to be lead guitarists. The Ibanez AW54CE is suitable for use in the studio, on the stage, and anywhere in between. It’s also easier to hold while standing if you don’t have a guitar strap. It might make it harder to change frets at first, but the quickness of overall chord changing quickly overshadows any issues at all. Taylors are known for having brighter-sounding guitars, typically because of the materials used. It also comes with a tuner, something every musician (not just the beginner) needs. Be the first to rate this post. The main difference you will hear is the tone, which as we have discussed, will be warmer with the Martin brand. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. There you have it! With the heavier weight of this model, that problem dissipates slightly. With a budget of $500, the Takamine GD51CE is one of the best, yet underrated acoustic-electric guitars in the industry. Hopefully this article will clear some things up and point you in the right direction to get you strumming as soon as possible. They work for smaller children, but they also work perfectly for adults who like smaller sizes. Why you might ask? The has a solid cedar top, which should lend to a warmer tone, but with this model you’re getting a brighter sound because of the rosewood neck. This is one of the top acoustic guitars under $500 that you can find. This model, however, has some color options to choose from (some include unique pick guards). As mentioned earlier, guitars around $500 are perfectly reasonable and can last a lifetime. You may find many more but the review these guitars are going to help you a lot. If you’re looking for an excellent setup from a reputable brand, then the Fender CD-60S is definitely worth looking into. The Martin LXM Little Martin has a similar idea to the Baby Taylor: small in size, big in sound. Cedar is another great wood choice for acoustic guitars as it mutes any unwanted resonations. Very rarely will you find a guitar that matches the smallness of the GS Mini with the bold sound it produces. It packs a single-cutaway mahogany body and boasts a lightweight, yet firm construction. It comes with everything you need to get started, including a gig bag, strap, and an extra set of strings. We have to talk about the size of this acoustic guitar, it’s in the name after all. They work great for beginners, but they also work for advanced players. Spruce and mahogany is probably the most common combination of woods in the acoustic guitar industry. Yamaha JR1 FG Junior is also a 3/4 size acoustic guitar and this guitar has its Top made of Spruce wood , and without this guitar our list of the best small body acoustic guitar under 500 dollars would be incomplete.. Fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood. The Seagull S6 is our top pick for the best acoustic guitars under $500 this year, an honor it earned for many reasons. With the Parlor style guitars out of the way, we now come to the slightly larger small bodied acoustic guitars – the 12 and 14 fret models. But … Instead of being ½ the size like many training guitars, this one is still big enough to produce great sound. Finding a perfect acoustic guitar doesn't require thousands of dollars. Pros: + Made of all spruce, which is durable and vibrant at the same time + Tilted headstock for all sorts of benefits included perfectly tightened strings and reduced amounts of returning and damaged strings + The perfect size for practice, training, and traveling. While most kits include a couple of guitar picks and some strings, this kit includes much more. It will determine how the guitar will feel and play a huge role in how it will sound. The head is curved and rounded, similar to a cone. It’s strong enough to be dropped and compact enough to be efficient in many situations. The tilted headstock on this acoustic guitar is noteworthy for two reasons. This a full-sized guitar, great for beginners who don’t want a mini or a ¾ size. It’s also important to remember that just because a guitar is at a certain price range, that doesn’t make it high-quality or low-quality. The dreadnought body style is large enough to compensate for most musicians, which takes out the guess work of wondering what size is right for you. When you start getting up to the $1,000 price range, the guitars become full-sized. Every single guitar in this review is backed by positive consumer feedback, careful research, and mindful explanations to help you make your decision. The GD51CE features a solid spruce top and black walnut back and sides. With wide ranges in volume and tone, it’s no surprise that the Mini is so popular. Pros: + Made of solid mahogany, which produces the smoothest, richest sound output of all woods + Includes a durable traveler’s gig bag perfect for flying, accidental drops, and luggage transport + ¾ the size of a dreadnought guitar to provide similar tones without the larger body style. Because of the smooth neck and the sunny sound, each note will ring out, and you won’t hear any buzzing on the frets (even if you were to use extra light strings). Taylor BBT Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, 9. Pros: + Small enough to travel with, yet big enough to handle comfortably + Perfect size for all musicians, especially people with shorter fingers and smaller arms + Made of all mahogany, the best wood for acoustic guitar production. That being said, if you’re looking for a warmer sounding guitar, this one isn’t for you. By John Lombard The kit included with the Yamaha FS850 has everything you need to save money and get to strumming your new guitar. Best cheap acoustic guitars: buying advice. How 7 Different Woods Affect Your Acoustic Sound, 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300 in 2020. Whether you’re buying your first or picking up a new toy for your upcoming gigs, I’m going to walk you through the best acoustic guitars under $500. There’s nothing like the beautiful tons from mahogany, which makes this guitar a perfect find. But what the ROS-06 … Because of the way the truss rod is fitted, it is slightly difficult to change the bowing. It’s also good for playing in a house without everyone else outside the room! I’ve reviewed the best acoustic and electric-acoustic guitars in this price range that are available today. All the guitars on this list have something to offer for those with less than $500 in their pocket, but if you fancy something different, Epiphone’s EJ-200SCE jumbo acoustic guitar is all about its onboard electronics. After reviewing over 500 guitars, these are my all-time top 5 beginner acoustic guitars under $500. Our list of 2019’s Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000 had guitars from almost every price point that can be used for a host of different applications. Smaller musicians should look into getting a smaller body with a short fretboard. Children and women are among the market of these guitars. Pros: + Wide frets for easier chord transitions and reduced string confusion + Cedar and mahogany for the ultimate wood combination for durability and beautiful sound + Natural satin finish. They also come with quite a few features like fretboard designs, abalone inlays and nuts, high-quality tuning pegs and more. So, the decision should be made based on which guitar feels and sounds best to you, and your playing style. The small body of this guitar is perfect for musicians of all sizes. There is something for everyone here, its just a matter of selecting whats best for you. This mini guitar by Taylor is an excellent example of a perfect traveler’s guitar. Your email address will not be published. While some of the Takamine G Series guitars reach way over 500 bucks, there’s quite a few that stay within a very affordable range. Pros: + Unique wood choice with Nato, Okume, and spruce + Dreadnought body style for easy playing and loud volume + Packed kit that includes all the essentials to get you strumming quicker. In fact, he has been known to use this specific model on stage (and for good reason). So make sure to spend some time finding the best fit, this way you will remain inspired to play. With this baby acoustic guitar, you will see the ebony fingerboard again, perfect for practice-happy players. This is a small-body cutaway, with a short 25 inch scale, and shallow, slightly flat oval neck. It has what is known as a small-size body, so it’s also nice for travel. The Taylor GS mini mahogany might be smaller, but that doesn’t take away from the sound. Yamaha has a long-established reputation for making some great sounding and affordable guitars. It will slip off the lap and there can be a lot of a readjusting. With all the different acoustic guitars on the market, it might be challenging to find the right one for you. Baby Taylors have also been known to last for many, many years, without any issues with a twisting of the neck or splitting of the fingerboard grains. Written by musical instrument expert Vanessa. It’ll come in at just under your $500 budget, but is a premium product to back that up. After Reading about Best Acoustic Guitars you must have searched for Acoustic guitar for sale in your state. Because a slimmer neck means easier chord transitions. Sometimes, with a smaller guitar, it can be difficult to hold for adults. They didn’t cut corners here, which is why the S6 is on the list. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. The sound hole is just big enough to produce the necessary volume. The great thing about the guitars we’ve reviewed in this article is that they are completely universal. It’s one of those things that you either don’t notice, or you seriously regret not paying attention to later on down the road. The Yamaha FS850 is a great guitar for beginners and one of the best acoustic guitars for under $400 thats available. Made with several different types of rare wood and a massive kit included, there’s nothing too much like it. The GD20-NS is a great example of a classic guitar with a few modern additions that give it a little bit better ease of play. Take the Takamine G Series GN30CE for example. If you’re wondering whether or not this guitar is great for adults, it’s a good thing to note that famous musicians such as Ed Sheeran use ¾ sized guitars quite frequently. Usually, acoustic guitars with a cheaper price mean cheaper quality, but that’s not the case with the Yamah FG800. While more money will get you more features and (in general) a higher performing model, all the options on our list are perfectly suitable for most needs, so without further ado, let’s get started . With the rich tones provided, you just have to start strumming away to unlock the natural sound of this acoustic guitar. And we know you have a few more great electrics in mind, so please let us know! Why We Liked It - Seagull is one of the best brands in acoustic guitars. Playing at home? No votes so far! Mahogany makes the best acoustic guitars in the eyes of many, and this one if 100% mahogany on all sides. So, when you’re looking into this purchase, keep in mind that the reason these are best-sellers is because they’re all great choices – they’re made with quality materials and they’re built to last. It produces a sound output that is a little quieter than some other guitars, which is nice if you’re looking to not disrupt the people around you. It’s loaded with a Fishman under-saddle pickup and an … Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar under $500. Best Classical Guitar; Under $300; Under $500; Under $1000; Strings. Why We Liked It - The slim fretboard alone was enough to grab our attention. It’s small enough to walk around while holding it without bumping into everything in your way. It’s made of all spruce, which also makes it a durable build. A longer tool is needed, but easily obtained. The traveler’s durable gig bag. VIEW ON AMAZON. There are some great acoustic guitars under $300 that you can find, and they’ll do the job, but they don’t have the same sound quality. FULL REVIEW 6. Nothing is as disappointing as buying a new guitar and finding little chips out of the paint or broken strings before you even start strumming! Secondly, the rosewood fingerboard gives the guitar an almost reverb-like tone. The smaller size of this guitar makes it great for portability and travel, and it still has 20 frets (a standard number for many classical guitars). Ibanez’s Artcore series has some good contenders for the best hollow body guitars under $500, of which the AM53 is the most affordable. Spruce lines the back and sides of this acoustic guitar, which gives it the same rich and warm sound output as a most other woods without the fragility. Ebony is great for players who are consistently practicing, because it’s easy on the fingers. Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar, 7. That being said, this particular model doesn’t have the best quality of those woods, so you’re not getting the same rich tone that you’d get with a Martin or a Taylor. Many of them are lifetime guitars, especially the Martins. The first is that it’s great for smaller hands, and the second is that it’s great for portability. 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