Ground ivy can be easily identified by it rounded leaves with scalloped edges. Ground ivy can reach half a meter in length and tends to grow in large colonies. Herbal tea made from Ground ivy is called gill tea and is considered an all-purpose herbal formula. Part supplied. flavor with peppermint or honey to taste take in half cup doses twice a day. Botanically named Glechoma hederacea, it is a perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family with a long history of medicinal and edible applications. It’s leaves can also be used topically to treat wounds as it is mildly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Try to remove all thick stems from the ground ivy. It can be used as an aromatic herb: just chop finely to add on soft cheese, omelettes and tomato bruschettas. Ground ivy was used for flavouring ale from Saxon times until the advent of hops to England, hence it’s old name of ‘ale-hoof’. Ground-ivy belongs to the mint family and is distantly related to other known herbs and spices such as rosemary or thyme. As a member of the mint family, the stem has a square cross section and produces adventitious roots at each node. Use 1 teaspoon of dried herb to one cup of boiling water to make a tasty tea. Chances are you have it in your back yard. It provides good ground cover and is sometimes seen as a lawn pest, but learn to love it if you can for its aromatic herbal qualities and pretty little lavender-blue flowers which attract bees and butterflies. Ground Ivy Tempura Recipe Ingredients 2 handfuls of Ground Ivy leaves 150g plain flour 1 tbsp of cornflour 1 egg 300ml of cold water 100g rapeseed oil Soya sauce and/or Garlic Chives Wild Garlic Weed Recipes Drop Biscuits Savoury Baking Edible Food Wild Edibles Soul Food A Food in diameter. They attached individually to stems that grow between three and six cm long, in pairs … Its scientific name is Glechoma hederacea. To avoid harming desired plants, make sure to positively identify ground ivy. Its violet flowers appear in whorls of two to four and are funnel-shaped. Gather leaves, flowers and stems, which can be dried for later herb use or alcohol extracted (tinctured). However it’s also high in phenols, which may be toxic in large quantities – although this is likely to be decreased by cooking. Ground Ivy is a common wild plant found around the British Isles and in Europe. fragrance somewhere between sage, mint and thyme, although less strongly aromatic, so you may want to use a bit more than you would if you were using those herbs. Ground Ivy Tempura Recipe Instructions. Warm the infusion again and add the softened gelatin sheet and the egg yolk and stir it well. Ground Ivy, Glechoma hederacea, is an aromatic creeping perennial in the mint family Lamiaceae. Separate out the Ground Ivy leaves. Infused in vinegar it can be used to make a herby vinaigrette. Ground Ivy. Head the milk and cream in a pan with the vanilla pod, ground ivy and sugar. At my cookery demo at the Midsummer Fish Fair in Hastings, I used ground ivy to season local dogfish wrapped in pancetta ham, saltimbocca style, adapted from Pomegranate’s head chef Jamie Stephens’ Huss Saltimbocca recipe where he uses sage. The dried plant and crushed leaves are used to make medicine. Funnel-shaped mauve flowers emerge in spring and are popular with bumblebees. When oil is at 60°C, add the oil into the mixer bowl. Creeping charlie has fuzzy, fan shaped leaves with scalloped edges. Put the liquid in a … Recipes. I have to say that I rarely do ‘fried’ foods, but today was different. June 26, 2012. Ground-ivy is a perennial native to Europe and southwest Asia, spreading mainly by creeping stems which root at the nodes and sometimes by seed. So I thought I’d try a marinade for tofu. Ground ivy can get up to 1.6 feet tall in ideal circumstances but it can just as easily be under 2 inches in height. One of the great things about fall is that so many of our spring ephemeral plants, those who dominate the springtime, come back to us again before the snows set in. Belgium Wild Beer, Ground Ivy Dressing, White Wine Vinegar. My husband actually prefers this herb over rosemary.